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Hanna Instruments Products for the Food Service Industry

Hanna Instruments products address critical areas for a variety of food service industries, especially preparation and safety.  Click to download Hanna's comprehensive catalog for the food service industry.

Six classes of Hanna products directly address the needs of food service industries:

pH Measurement

pH measurement is critical in the food industry. Proper pH is required in the production of cheese. It indicates the freshness of meat. Proper pH is required to ensure that bacteria cannot grow in canned and bottled foods. pH is even used to ensure that sushi rice is safe to eat.

Hanna produces a range of digital pH meters for all type of food industry applications, ranging from simple pocket tester to meters with specialized probes designed to work with meat and cheese that comply with HACCP requirements. HACCP programs assure food safety from harvest to consumption.

The HI 981033 and HI 99104 are basic, entry-level pH meters.
The HI 98127 and HI 98128 are both waterproof pH and temperature meters which automatically compensate the pH readings for variation in temperature.
The HI 9824 is a rugged, waterproof hand-held unit with separate probes for temperature and pH, with five memorized pH buffer values and buffer recognition to simplify the calibration process
The HI 99161 has an electrode with a conical tip ideal for measurements in semi-solids such as meats and cheeses. The FC 202D is also provided with a free diffusion sleeve type reference junction which prevents the typical problems of clogging.
The HI 99163 has an specialized pre-amplified pH probe with stainless steel penetration blade which enables users to perform non-intrusive measurements on meat products inside and out.

EC (Electrical Conductivity)/NaCl (Sodium Chloride)/Sodium

Measurement of electrical conductivity is the food service is becoming more important for food safety, preparation, quality control, inspection and grading, and for processing during food preparation.  Even the taste and strength of your morning coffee can be improved by monitoring its EC/TDS.  Monitoring the quality of water used for food processing and preparation, requires proper levels of EC/TDS to be maintained.

The HI 98311 and HI 98312 and handheld EC/TDS meters which also measure temperature. both are waterproof.
Hanna's brand new HI 2030 Edge can be configured for EC/TDS measurement.
The HI 931100 meter measures salinity and sodium content in four ranges.
The HI 9835 is a Portable EC/TDS/NaCl/°C Meter.


Hanna has recently re-designed its flagship electronic thermometers, the HI 95801 and HI 98510, so that both of these can read in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade.

DO (Dissolved Oxygen)

The amount of dissolved in water effects everything from the ability of water to support aquatic life to the taste of beer and the vitamin C content, color, and aroma of fruit juices.

The HI 9142 is a manual calibration dissolved oxygen meter.
The HI 98186 is a portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter with extended ranges which includes barometric pressure measurement and calibration.
The HI 2040 is a part of Hanna's innovative Edge series of meters that are incredibly easy to use.

Key Parameter Measurement (Photometers)

Hanna's multi-parameter and single parameter photometers can measure everything from ammonia to zinc, and also offers the checker HC line of economical, single parameter photometers. For other applications, there are a wide variety of chemical test kits to measure important parameters, without the need for an electronic instrument.


Digital refractometers measure the amount of sugar in wine, beverages, syrup and more.

HI 96801Digital Refractometer for Sugar Analysis- Sucrose
HI 96802Digital Refractometer for Sugar Analysis- Fructose
HI 96803Digital Refractometer for Sugar Analysis- Glucose
HI 96804Digital Refractometer for Sugar Analysis- Invert Sugar
HI 96811Digital Refractometer for Measurement of Sugar in Wine-% of Brix

Call for information on refractometers for any other application you need.

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