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We are master distributors for the full line of Hanna Instruments analytical instruments, buffers, test kits and reagents. Characterized by ease of use, rugged construction and precise, accurate, and repeatable measurement, Hanna offers products for all industrial, laboratory and scientific use.

Hanna meters are supplied in three styles: pocket testers for use everywhere, portable meters for use in the lab and in the field, and benchtop style for use in the lab. Hanna meters are available to measure these parameters:

Other instruments include those to measure relative humidity, turbidity, temperature, photometers and digital refractometers. Panel and wall mounted controllers, monitoring systems, and dosing pumps allow for process control.

Chemical test kits are used for water and other analysis and can measure everything from Ammonia to Zinc.

Hanna buffer and calibration solutions are used to maintain your equipment in top form. We also supply all the replacement electrodes and accessories for all Hanna products.

We support what we sell!! Contact us with any pre-sale questions, to make sure you get the right Hanna products for your application. We are also happy to help you if any questions or concerns arise when you are using your Hanna products.

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HANNA Instruments offers growers a variety of products to increase plant/crop yields and maximize plant growth. You will find Hanna products are extremely easy to use, economical and will assist you in measuring critical parameters such as, pH and EC that are essential to proper growth of plants and vegetables.

Aquaculture and Aquariums

HANNA Instruments offers aquarium enthusiasts and aquaculturists, a wide variety of testers, meters, chemical test kits, photometers, monitors and controllers that measures pH, TDS, Phosphate, phosphorus, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, Alkalinity, and more.

Boilers and Cooling Towers

HANNA Instruments knows that regular testing of boiler and cooling waters is essential to optimize water treatment programs and blowdown schedules. Hanna Boilers and cooling offerings include meters, controllers, testers and photometers that measures conductivity or TDS, pH and ORP.  (Click for more information).


HANNA Instruments offers the education market a collection of testing instruments and kits for use by educators and environmental science students. Hanna's education section has everything educators need to measure important parameters at an affordable price.


HANNA Instruments offers a variety of EPA approved testing equipment for environmental testing, field sampling, and on-site laboratory operations and management. Hanna's Environmental section offers multi-parameter meters, testers and photometers needed for environmental analysis.

Food and Dairy

HANNA Instruments is there to assist food manufacturers and dairy farms with high quality testing equipment that meet mandatory food testing procedures. Hanna's food and dairy section includes a full compliment of pH meters, testers, thermometers and titrations systems need by quality control professionals.(Click for more information).


HANNA Instruments offers the latest testing equipment for soilless growing. Hanna's hydroponic section is full of pH meters, EC/TDS meters, testers, controllers, fertigation control and sanitation systems needed for growing hydroponically.


HANNA Instruments offers to the industrial market a large assortment of panel and wall mounted controllers, transmitters, analyzers, titration systems and pumps for controlling, monitoring and testing.


HANNA Instruments laboratory equipment section offers the latest benchtop and portable pH meters, conductivity meters, ISE electrodes, dissolved oxygen meters, turbidity meters, thermometers, photometers and titrators for all size laboratories.

Pools and Spas

HANNA Instruments offers pool and spa contractors, CPO's and homeowners a variety of water testing equipment. Hanna offers testers, photometers, chemical test kits, controllers, monitors and free and total chlorine analyzers.

Printing and Graphic Arts

HANNA Instruments offers the printing and graphic industry the latest in testing equipment for measuring pH, EC, and temperature in printer's fountain solution and pH of flexographic inks.

Water Conditioning

HANNA Instruments offers the water conditioning industry testing equipment that measures the purity of your water. Hanna offers meters, monitor and controllers to test acidity, alkalinity and ORP of your water.

Water Treatment

HANNA Instruments offers water treatment professionals with laboratory products, process instrumentation, photometers and free and total chlorine analyzers for water analysis.