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Viqua / Sterilight Germicidal UV Lamps

We supply replacement lamps for all Viqua/Sterilight Germicidal UV water purification systemsas well as the double-ended quartz sleeves for most of these lamps.  All sleeves are supplied with O-rings at no extra charge.

Viqua/Sterilight Germicidal UV Lamps for Water Purification

Viqua/Sterilight UV Lamp

Common part numbers include:
S287RL • S200RL HO • S36RL • S410RL HO • S463RL • S740RL HO • S810RL • QS-012 Quartz Sleeve (for S36RL) • QS-463 Quartz Sleeve (for S463RL) • QS-740 Quartz Sleeve (for S7640RL) • QS-810 Quartz Sleeve (for S810RL)

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