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Exposure Lamps

Caprock supplies original quality compatible replacement exposure lamps for all makes and models of equipment and all types of lamps including metal halide, mercury vapor, mercury capillary, pulsed xenon and fluorescent UV

Printer's Platemakers

Exposure of metal printing plates in flip-top and overhead units requires high-output UV light.  For proper operation and long life, the electrical characteristics of the lamp must be correctly matched to the equipment being used.  We always meet or beat the original equipment manufacturer's specs to give you quality and the best value for your money.

Do you use any of the new no-process or photopolymer-exposure plates?  Click to read important technical information for optimal exposure of thes new plates!

Paper plates are generally exposed in overhead units using quartz halogen lamps, with minimal UV output.

Screen Printing Exposure Units

Screen printers silkscreens are burned using equipment similar to that used for offset printing plates, but with a special bed to accommodate the screen frame.  Silkscreen emulsions may require "diazo" light (peaking around 410 nanometers), or "photopolymer" light (peaking around 365 nanometers).  Many newer emulsions are "dual-cure", and may be exposed by either type.

Silkscreens may also be exposed with fluorescent lamps that are high in UV output, and either diazo or photopolymer characteristics.

Flexo and Photopolymer (Plastic) Plates

Like silkscreens, flexo plates may be exposed by high-output metal halide systems or high UV output fluorescent lamps.  We supply both types for use in equipment like Olec, Douthitt, nuArc, Anderson & Vreeland, BASF, Dupont, Kelleigh, and others.

PCB (Printed Circuitboard) Exposure

In addition to metal halide systems like those used for printers and screen printers, PCB manufacturers use water-cooled mercury capillary lamps for exposure.

WE SUPPLY CAPROCK BRAND COMPATIBLE REPLACEMENT LAMPS LAMPS FOR EQUIPMENT MADE BY ALL THESE MANUFACTURERS:   3M • Advance • Agfa (Dupliphot) • Airtech • AM • Amergraph (Magnum, Advantage) • American • American Polylite • Anderson & Vreeland • Argyle • Argon • Ascor • Atlas • Autoroll • AWT • Bacher • BASFBasysPrint • Beltron • Berkey • Brown • Burgess (Addalux) • Chemco (Spartan) • Colight • Cortran • Degraf SPA • AB Dick • Dylux • Douthitt • DuPont Cyrel • Dupont (Riston) • DS • Eskofot • Goodkin • Gyrex • Halux • Hanovia • Itek • Kelleigh • Kenro • Kodak • Krause • LogE • Lumax• Macbeth • Martin-Yale • Misomex • Mitsubishi • National • nuArc • Nuco • Olec (Olite) • Opticopy • ORC  • ParkerPhilipsPierry • Riston • Robertson • Roconex • Sack • Sandmar • Screen (DS, Dainippon, DS America)  • Strobbe • Teaneck • Technigraf • Tetko • Theimer (Violux, Violight, Montakop, Copymat, Theimoquick, Spektra Proof) Tobias • UV Technologies • VGC • VNH

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Here are examples of LOW Caprock prices
(Click on the part number to see an illustration, if available)

nuArc CD/GW-114   $85 CD/HT-121 $200 CD/FFM/DXX   $27
  CD/JQ-30 $340 CD/LY-33 $280 CD/CN-42 $240
CD/NP-80 $140 CD/CU-71 $320 CD/PM-78 $265
CD/KT-38 $246 CD/MH-153 $310 CD/HT-28 $190
CD/FS-90 $340 CD/PD-41 $204 CD/HE-15 $175
Olec CD/L-1250 $232 CD/L-1252 $258 CD/L-1261 $244
  CD/L-1280 $310 CD/L-1281 $310 CD/L-1282 $310
  CD/L-1150A $245 CD/L-1150B $245 CD/L-900 $260
Burgess CD/1406-07 $260 CD/1406-04 $270 CD/1406-01 $180
  CD/1406-07L $270 CD/1406-02 $220 CD/1406-03 $220
Amergraph CD/10431 $100 CD/10266A $200 CD/10265 $330
  CD/10888 $230 CD/10725 $185 CD/10700 $330
Brown CD/2-14559 $300 CD/2-14560 $350 CD/2-14460 $365
Sandmar CD/RLQ-17 $170 CD/RL3022 $180 CD/JA-2547   $85
Theimer CD/THS-8027 $300 CD/THS-6027 $290 CD/THS-5027 $275
CD/THS-1507 $150 CD/THS-3007 $168 CD/THS-5020 $240
Itek CD/192511   $22 CD/192531   $22 CD/190682   $24
Screen(DS) CD/UPX-4003 $520 CD/SPG-6000 $470 CD/M3.8KG $440
Philips CD/DXN   $32 CD/HPM-13   $190 CD/HPM-15   $210
Airtech CD/RP-Lamp $110 CD/FCM   $27 CD/EME   $27
Colight CD/3007100 $244 CD/3219100 $240 CD/CHM-5000 $264
ORC CD/IML-3000 $262 CD/IML-5000 $262 CD/SMX-7000 $200

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NOTE:  For new equipment under warranty, we suggest using the manufacturer's branded lamps- call for information and pricing