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FC22T5/865/OUTSIDE 22W 22 Watt 7.25 inch diameter Circular fluorescent lamp/bulb for magnifying lamps

This is a 22W circular fluorescent lamp that is used in a variety of magnifying desk lamps, and mirrors. The lamp is a T5 (5/8 inch) diameter tube. The outside diameter of the lamp is 7.25 inches.

The connector has four brass pins arranged in a square, facing OUTSIDE the bulb. Some fixtures use a bulb with the connectors facing intside, so make sure you order the correct lamp!

The 6500 degree color temperature simulates bright daylight illumination.

The elctronics used to start these lamps are often short-lived, so we test 100% of these lamps before shipping to make sure you will get a properly operating lamp.

OEM number FC22T5/865/OUTSIDE
Outside daimeter 7.25 inches
Tubing diameter T5 (5/8 inch)
Watts 22W
Color temperature 6500°K
Base G10Q (4 pins facing inside)
Ordering Code FC22T5/865/OUTSIDE
Price (Each) $19.99

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