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Lamps for Theimer Exposure Systems

Theimer equipment uses different ultraviolet (UV) light sources to produce the right wavelength for plate and screen exposure.

We supply replacement lamps for all Theimer equipment.  We offer you the same quality lamp, but at much better prices, and in many cases are also able to supply the original Theimer brand lamps.

Most conventional graphic arts plates require "diazo" light, with peaks at 365nm and 410 nm for optimal exposure, although some plates require "photopolymer" light peaking at 365nm.  Silk screen emulsions can be diazo, photopolymer or dual cure, which can be exposed by diazo or photopolymer light sources.

Theimer also produced pulsed xenon exposure lamps for cameras and other applications.

Metal Halide Lamps for Theimer Exposure Systems


Common part numbers include:

Pulsed Xenon Lamps for Theimer Exposure Systems

Theimer Pulsed Xenon

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