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Ihara Densitometers

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Densitometers are designed to measure either black and white or color.  For each type there are instruments to read film originals as light passes through the film (transmission) or the reflected values printed on paper and other substrates.

Ihara densitometers offer three major advantages over all other brands:

1.  They are the most precise and exact instruments made..
2.  They are the easiest to use, with instructions and help available right on the LCD of the instrument.
3.  They are more durable and covered by the best warranty in the business.
4.  They have an unbeatable 18 month warranty.  After the warranty, there is a $100 per incident charge for any repair- you won't find that with any other densitometer!

Type   Model Functions
Transmission B & W T500 Use to calibrate imagesetter output


B & W R700 Density, density difference, dot gain, contrast
Reflection Color R710 Density, density difference
Reflection Color R720 Density, density difference, dot area, dot gain
Reflection Color R730 Density, density difference, dot area, dot gain, print contrast, hue error, grayness, saturation, cast, brightness, auto-function, and dot analysis