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Lamps for nuArc Platemakers and Cameras

nuArc started making conventional platemaking equipment for graphic arts and silkdscreen printers in 1948. No other company comes close to having such a large installed base.  nuArc equipment uses different ultraviolet (UV) light sources to produce the right wavelength for plate and screen exposure, including pulsed xenon, mercury vapor and metal halide.

Although no longer widely used, nuArc also made a wide variety of graphic arts process cameras for shooting artwork and halftones.

We supply replacement lamps for all nuArc equipment.  nuArc does not make the lamps they sell, so in many cases we are able to offer you the same lamp from the same source as nuArc, but at much better prices.

Most conventional graphic arts plates require "diazo" light, with peaks at 365nm and 410 nm for optimal exposure, although some plates require "photopolymer" light peaking at 365nm.  Silk screen emulsions can be diazo, photopolymer or dual cure, which can be exposed by diazo or photopolymer light sources.

Mercury Vapor Lamps for nuArc Platemakers


Common part numbers include:
GW/114 • GW114 • MHL-1000/1 • BT22-1114 • BTGW114 •BTO1068

Metal Halide Lamps for nuArc Platemakers

KT-38 / KT38

Common part numbers include:
NP80NP-80 KT38KT-38HT121HT-121LY33LY-33HT28HT-28PM78PM-78PD41PD-41MH153MH-153JQ30JQ-30FS90 FS-90 • HT162 • HT-162

Pulsed xenon Lamps for nuArc Platemakers

CN-42 / CN42

Common part numbers include:

Quartz Halogen lamps for nuArc Cameras


Common part numbers include:
DXX • DXX240 • DXX-240 • FFM • VE377 • VE-377 • E479 • VE-479

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