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FC55T6/SW FC55/2C/835 55 Watt Double Tube Circline Fluorescent lamp, Soft White Color Temperature

This is a 55 watt circline fluorescent bulb with two concentric circular tubes. It is used in a variety of desktop lamps and magnifying lamps. Each tube is a T6 (3/4 inch) diameter tube. The lamp has a four pin connector with the pins facing out from the lamp. The outside diameter of the lamp is 8-3/8 (8.375) inches. The 3500 degree Kelvin color temperature produces soft white light.

The elctronics used to start these lamps are often short-lived, so We test 100% of these lamps before shipping to make sure you will get a properly operating lamp.

OEM number FC55T6/SW
Outside daimeter 8.375 inches
Tubing diameter T6 (3/4 inch)
Watts 55W
Color temperature 3,500°K
Base G10Q (4 pins facing outside)
Ordering Code FC55T6/SW
Price (Each) $21.00

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The FC55T6/CW is used in the following (and other) equipment models:

• 29177
• 2CT6
• F2C5535
• FC55/2C/835
• FC55/2C/CW
• F2C5535
• Kichler 4029
• MaxLite 25521
• MaxLite 55W 2C
• MaxLite M25521
• MaxLite SK255 RLC 2C
• Satco S6596
• SeaGul Lighting 97043
• TCT6
• Westinghouse 552C/E/CD